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Starting with an ergonomic assessment, we will strive to improve your posture and reduce stressors that could be hurting your productivity and quality of life.

Conditions Treated

Many musculoskeletal disorders or injuries of head, neck, back, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips or knees come as a result of prolonged static, repetitive, strenuous or awkward stress. This stress usually occurs and multiplies during work-related activities, but may occur at home, at the gym, in the car or while caring for loved ones.

The following conditions can develop as a result of ergonomic deficiencies:
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Tennis/Golfers elbow
  • Patellofemoral syndrome (knee pain)
  • Neck and Back pain
  • Discogenic Low back pain

Our Approach

We work with a variety of approaches to identify and address ergonomic deficiencies:
  • On-site Ergonomic Assessment

    Modification of workspace to reduce static and repetitive stress levels on the body combined with education on proper postures.

  • Remote Ergonomic Screening

    Identifying faulty positional set ups and compromising techniques by analyzing images or short video of your station or activity, followed by detailed recommendations. Please follow the instructions on picture or video format and how to upload them on the Remote Services page.

Intervention Strategies:
  • Assistive devices

    Devices to customize the workplace and reduce stressors and compromising postures or activities to reduce the chance of overuse injury, facilitate recovery from injury and speed up a return to work.

  • Education

    Understanding the impact of ergonomics and potential reasons for clinical ramifications is crucial. Subsequently, patient education is an essential component of a successful ergonomic setup.

  • Postural Exercises

    Strengthening of the stabilizing musculature by specific exercises that promote stability, balance, symmetry and activation patterns.

  • Mulligan Technique

    Addresses mobility using manual joint ‘repositioning’ techniques to restore function and eliminate pain.

  • McKenzie Protocol

    An internationally acclaimed method for treating intervertebral disc related conditions and restoring proper spinal curvature

  • Spinal Decompression

    Alleviates neck and lower back pain by using motorized traction to stretch the spine, taking pressure off the spinal discs and restoring spinal mobility and curvatures.

Our Process

Initial Assessment

The ergonomic assessment can be performed onsite or remotely. For the Onsite Assessment, our Chiropractor will visit, observe and analyze your work or activity station.

For the Remote Assessment, you can provide us with images or a short video of the workspace and your positioning, or activity by uploading them into the ‘Ask a Doctor’ form. Our Chiropractor will review the images or the video - and analyze your work or activity ergonomics. After the analysis, the detailed recommendations will be provided.

Program Plan

Based on the analysis, the Chiropractor will recommend an individualized program plan that may include workspace alterations, postural correction, exercises and/or other modes of therapy that improve ergonomics and prevent injury.


Our practitioners will facilitate the implementation of proposed work or activity station changes. They will also monitor the corrective activities, exercises and apply other modes of therapy when required.


As part of the program, our practitioners will educate and guide you on how to maintain and improve the achieved results. They will support you on your journey to optimal health by providing counselling and regular check-up sessions.