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Remote Services

If you are temporarily unable to attend our clinic in person for various reasons such as quarantine, business trip, illness or you live far away from the clinic and would like to get an initial consultation, Bloor Yonge Chiropractic team is accessible remotely.


Our practitioners are there for you and can provide the following virtual services:
Initial Video Chiropractic Consultation

During the Initial Video Consultation, the Doctor will perform an initial examination where patients will disclose any issue or injury, as well as their health history. The Doctor will demonstrate and guide you through range of motion, orthopaedic, neurological and McKenzie testing in order to establish potential dysfunctions and develop accurate diagnosis.

Video Chiropractic Consultation

Using Video Chiropractic Consultation, the Doctor ensures continuity of the chiropractic care while patient is not able to attend the treatment in person. During video consultation the Doctor will provide and instruct on therapeutic exercises and protocols, as well as self-treatment options.

Exercise Counseling and Performance Enhancement

By watching a patient performing exercises using video conference the Doctor will be able to analyse and provide detailed guidance on exercise techniques and specific modifications to address area of concern or achieve desired improvement. Alternatively, patient can provide a video where he/she performs the exercises via ‘Ask a Doctor’ form. The Doctor will analyse the movements and provide detailed recommendations to enhance performance.

Ergonomic Assessment

For the remote ergonomic assessment, patient will provide images or a short video of the workstation and their positioning in it, or a performed activity by uploading them via ‘Ask a Doctor’ form. The Chiropractor will review the images or the video and analyze patient’s work or activity ergonomics. After the analysis, the detailed recommendations will be provided.

Alternatively, patient can book a Video Consultation with the Chiropractor to perform an ergonomic assessment.

If providing the images of the workstation, please consider the following guidelines to make your images the most effective:

  • The first photo should be of you sitting in a chair of your workstation, facing the camera.
  • The second photo should be of you in the same seated position, but side profile to the camera.
  • Images should capture the full body of the assessed person in both positions
  • For privacy, you can hide your face on the images.

Bloor Yonge Chiropractic uses these images or videos for analyzing your ergonomics and providing recommendations only. By uploading a photograph or a video, you agree to Bloor Yonge Chiropractic’s Privacy Policy

Our Process

Schedule Your Appointment

  • Go to our ‘Book Online’ page
  • Select the Practitioner that provides video consultations
  • Select Video Consultation appointment
  • Select the date and time when you will be in front of your computer, laptop, or stand-alone device for 20 min or so
  • Book your appointment

Receive Confirmation

  • You will receive an email confirmation with the appointment details.

Attend Consultation

  • At the beginning of your appointment log into MyAccount via the link provided in the confirmation email.
  • Click the 'Begin' button to start your video consultation
  • The Practitioner will join the video consultation