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Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a modern and effective therapy that uses high intensity sound waves to heal musculoskeletal pathologies. Shockwave therapy promotes healing of injured structured elements by breaking down scar tissue, as well as stimulating metabolism, vascularization and cellular repair of damaged tissue.

Our Approach

Shockwave therapy has become a golden standard approach to dealing with conditions related to sports and repetitive injuries, trauma, degenerative disorders and post-surgical recovery by stimulating repair and healing of torn and inflamed tissues, as well as breaking down scar tissue, calcification and bony spurs. It can be used as sole modality or in combination with other therapeutic approaches in order to repair tissue and function.

Conditions Treated

Using this innovative system, we provide effective treatment for:
  • Plantar Fasciitis,
  • Tennis elbow,
  • Achilles tendinosis,
  • Frozen shoulder,
  • Calcific Tendonitis,
  • Meniscal tears,
  • Bunions,
  • Bursitis, and
  • Speed up healing of small fractures.

Our Process

Initial Examination

During the first visit our Clinic Director Dr. Igor Sapozhnikov, D.C will perform an initial examination where patients will disclose any particular issue or injury, as well as their health history. Dr. Sapozhnikov will also perform orthopedic, neurological and functional examinations to establish the correct diagnosis.

Treatment Plan

We have developed a unique Shockwave therapy protocols to effectively improve patient’s recovery process. Once it is safe, the Doctor will determine a proper approach to rehabilitate injured tissue to speed up the return to daily or sports activities and prevent re-injury. Furthermore, additional therapy may be recommended in order to optimize biomechanics of adjacent structures.


Although many of our patients come to Bloor Yonge Chiropractic to address specific conditions, our team will also assess your overall health and recommend any lifestyle changes. Our treatment plans may emphasize dietary changes, exercise and weight maintenance programs, and nutritional supplements, in addition to Shockwave therapy or other treatments.